At our site in Sheffield we operate an indirect fired rotary calciner, capable of operating up to 650°C

Our calciner is indirect fired which makes it particularly suited to dusty, finely divided materials where a directly heated calciner would not be ideal due to the nature in which the heat is transferred to the media.

Being indirect fired the product does not come into contact with the products of combustion eliminating the risk of contamination and maintaining product purity 

Calciner Specifications


  • Gas Powered Indirect Fired Rotary Calconer
  • Calciner Capacity of 900 tonnes per Annum
  • Five Independantly PLC Controlled Temperature Zones
  • Operating at up to 650 °C
  • Can be loaded from drums and 1-tonne bags.
  • Materials packing for calcined product
A picture of a rotary calciner installed at RSBruce in Sheffield
Indirect Fired Rotary Calciner with 5 Temperature Controlled Zoned
RSBruce Calciner loading product into 1te bulk bags
The product is automatically loaded into drums or bulk bags.

Input and Product Packaging

We are able to accept raw material inputs in powder or pelletized form in drums and one-tonne bulk bags. 

Once calcined, product is then automatically packed into either drums or 1-tonne bulks bags.

We have an on-site laboratory where we carry out in process testing to ensure that material is in specification for strength, size, composition, visual appearance. 


Quality Assurance

All of our processes operate under our independently certified management systems. 

All batches have rigorous in-process testing managed by our own on-site laboratory

Image showing palatalised calcined product on site at RSBruce in Sheffield
Calcined product packed in one tonne bags

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