We've launched the UK’s first ever in-house Lithium-Ion battery recycling service!

Sam Haig, Battery Recycling Business Manager at RSBruce, reveals details of our new Battery Recycling service.

“For several months now, we have been busy investing in state-of-the art equipment, a dedicated area in the factory and the right personnel so we can offer a full lithium ion battery recycling service.

The Government’s drive towards decarbonising vehicles means that petrol and diesel cars and vans will be phased out by 2030. Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the number of electric vehicles on our roads, supported by Government incentives, particularly for electric vans.

Our new service will involve stripping down the lithium ion batteries and putting them through a rigorous process which extracts metals and precious metals, making them available for selling into other processes, or for recycling. We are already servicing the market very successfully by recycling lithium ion batteries from laptops and mobile phones.

At the moment, many UK companies are exporting their lithium ion batteries to Europe and other parts of the world for recycling and material recovery, and this results in high transportation costs and a heavy burden on the carbon footprint. We are currently the only plant capable of offering effective lithium ion battery recycling in the UK and it is a potentially huge market.

There are major benefits for UK customers to have their batteries recycled here at our plant in Sheffield. Not only does it mean reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint, it also keeps valuable materials and precious metals here in the UK, which can be re-purposed in other processes. To give customers complete peace of mind, we also offer regular customer audits, so clients can be assured their products are being recycled responsibly.”

Why not find out more about how we could recycle and recover precious metals from your lithium ion batteries? Call 0114 344 8050 or email

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