Nitric acid tank cleaning

Industry expertise

Nitric Acid tank cleaning to recover lost Platinum Group Metals that have been carried from the production process to the product storage. 

Tanks can go uncleaned for decades and significant PGM deposits can build up. Deposits can be cleaned and collected using our techniques and high pressure jetting. 

Tanks associated with the production and storage of Nitric Acid have historically proven to yield high values of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) when included as part of a scheduled clean-down.

Normally the procedure for these recoveries can be executed within a short release timeframe fitting into the tightest of shutdowns.

Viability of tank cleaning

Whilst tank cleaning is often included as part of the main scope of works in a Nitric Acid plant clean-down, it is possible to carry out this cleaning operation independently.

The viability of carrying out a stand-alone tank clean would be determined by a number of factors

We would look at how many years each tank has been in service and what volume of Nitric Acid has passed through the tank over that period to determine the viability as a stand-alone project.  

If tanks are being emptied for other reasons such as repair then this can be the ideal time to carry out a cleaning operation. 


Treated, jetted and flushed

Each tank is processed and flushed into intermediate storage vessels ready for further processing to recover the PGM Oxides from the liquor. 

It is possible to treat several vessels at the same time. RSBruce project manages the whole process to ensure that delays are minimised and tanks are available for inspection and re-commissioning in the shortest possible time. 

Ready for refining

Once processed further the dry residues are milled and sieved to produce a homogeneous mass that can be sampled and the quantity of PGM recovered can be evaluated. 

Once refined the recovered metal is simply returned to the client’s metal account. 

If you have any tank cleaning queries or requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to discuss any aspects of PGM recovery and processing. 


More experience than any other operator

Over 30 years’ history of recovering precious metals for customers and going strong.

We have completed over 640 PGM recovery contracts worldwide to date and have recovered in excess of 1.5Bn GBP worth of PGMs for our customers. We believe we are currently delivering the highest rates of return in the industry. RSBruce have the most experience in Nitric Acid Plant cleaning and Nitric Acid Tank cleaning on the planet, we have literally completed hundreds more clean downs than anyone else.