Meeting the lithium-ion battery challenge

It is no secret that sales of electric vehicles are growing rapidly in the UK and around the world. This green revolution is powered by rapid advances in technology, most notably the lithium-ion battery present in majority of electric vehicles. Within a few years these vehicles will be reaching end of life and will require treatment to ensure the environmental benefits of their lifetime is maintained.


At the same time, there is a steady incumbent volume of batteries from portable applications such as laptops and mobile phones that need to be treated in a similar way.


R S Bruce is addressing this growing volume of end of life lithium-ion batteries in the UK and Europe by establishing a facility for recycling these batteries in Sheffield. This facility will be capable of receiving and recycling all types of secondary lithium-ion batteries and will recover the valuable materials including cathode powder, copper, and aluminium.


The process is safe, low-energy, and cost-effective with recovery rates greater than 80%. The recovered materials are suitable for onward processing to create compounds suitable for reuse in battery manufacture.

R S Bruce’s facility will be fully operational in autumn 2020 and is accepting queries from interested parties now.

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For more information please contact Sam.Haig@rsbruce.com our battery business manager or click the link to get in touch