Destructive recovery
of lost PGM


100% Recovery

For the retrieval of 100% of the PGM from scrap components or decommissioned plant, destructive PGM recovery is the most viable option. When plants or individual components have reached their life expectancy and are scheduled for decommissioning or removal, they can be treated by more aggressive means for full PGM and scrap metal value.

Using aggressive chemical solutions under controlled and agreed methods, this process provides 100% PGM recovery.

RSBruce have undertaken more destructive PGM recoveries than anyone else in this industry, we were the first company offering destructive recovery of PGM materials over 35+ years ago!

chemical removal of PGM material
ISO Registered

Safe handling and size

Resizing in a controlled purpose-built environment. It is important to ensure that resizing of plant and equipment is done is in a correct way and environment.
Incorrect cutting could lead to substantial losses of PGM’s

Continuous improvement

As we are an ISO registered company you can be assured that we have externally audited quality control procedures in place covering our operations.

Cutting a Nitric acid plant boiler

Chemical Processing

After destructive processing to recover the PGM materials the steel from the boiler shell and coils are totally clean. Nothing can recover as much as destructive cleaning where everything is recovered from every surface. BEWARE: Some operators that do not have the destructive capabilities or experience and facilities that we have may state that on-site jetting can recover more than destructive cleaning. This is simply not correct!

Stainless steel boiler shell pieces after RS Bruce processing
Clean heat-exchanger tubes after RS Bruce processing
Clean heat-exchanger tubes after RS Bruce processing
steel boiler shell pieces
heat-exchanger tubes
chemical removal of PGM material

plant purchase

Decommissioned nitric acid plants are a major asset and valuable commodity to be realised.

RSBruce works in conjunction with Johnson Matthey, a partnership that has spanned over thirty years, and together we have a major network of field agents and offices worldwide.

We are constantly in talks with all the major nitric acid producers and as such, hold a global portfolio of potential buyers for plant and equipment. Following a no obligation consultation.

RSBruce can liaise with both the plant owners and potential buyer – playing a vital role throughout the negotiation, dismantle and relocation.

To learn more contact us today.

Decommunised nitric acid plant
We have found the personnel to be professional, safety conscious and flexible to work with from the initial tender/site discussions to the credit of the metal at the end of the job.

Working with us

For destructive recovery there are several options depending on how you would like to work with us:


Outright Plant/Component(s) purchase. Based on our many years of processing we are able to make good calculations of potential value and offer the best prices in the market.

Scrap with Metals Share

We buy the plant based on the weight of scrap metal and we agree with you a share on the PGM recovered to cover our processing costs.

Metals Share

We work based on our costs being covered by an agreed share of the PGM recovered price for works. We simply charge for the costs associated with dismantling and processing. The scrap metal and PGM recovered is then yours to release the value from.

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Non Destructive Recovery

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