Toll Processing

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Compliant & Cost effective

Through toll processing, you are able to focus on your business’s core competencies and areas where you add value. R.S.Bruce Metals and Machinery Limited have been operating Toll processing since the mid 1980s. 


Based in Sheffield, with excellent links to all transport networks, we have a large secure site, experienced and skilled staff, and a wide range of equipment and operating licenses. All our processes operate with and under our ISO accredited quality system. From small one-off jobs to multi-thousand tonne year-long projects, we have the capability and flexibility required.  


Size reduction, shredding, crushing milling screening

Crushing of slags, ingots, and other solid materials: metals, ceramics etc., to enable further
processing for input into manufacturing processes, smelting and refining for alloy manufacture. We
employ a range of plant and equipment including jaw crushers, shredders, thermic lances, hydraulic
shears, hammer mills, ball mills, vibro-mills, shot blasters, granulators, grinders and sieves.- all located on our March Street site in Sheffield


Metal Separation, Extraction & Recovery

Processing of combined metal items to separate the metals into valuable separate streams of increased purity. Employing mechanical and chemical processes, to separate materials and metal oxides such as ruthenium or iridium on titanium, Inconel, silver on copper, tungsten carbide, platinum and palladium surface coatings from multiple alloys and other substrates including alumina. Expertise and experience in extracting precious metals from liquids, using chemical leaching, filtration and ION & Exchange technologies.

An on-site laboratory facility to enable us to assess all incoming materials and develop effective and often
novel recovery processes.

We have a wide range of high specification equipment including IPC OES, Microwave Digestion, Auto-samplers, Ion Exchange Columns, Stirred Reactor Vessels and Distillation Equipment, along with the basic lab equipment for Titrations, Ph, Density etc.


Offering toll calcination, firing and incineration services, we have an indirect fired calciner capable of
processing materials at 700C, a direct fired gas kiln with a maximum operating temperature of 1500C
and two gas fired thermal pretreatment. Our thermal processing capabilities operate 24 / 7 as required.
Processed materials can be packaged in kegs, boxes, drums and big bags to customer requirements