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Purchase and sale of decommissioned plant

Decommissioned nitric acid plants are a major asset and valuable commodity to be realised.

RSBruce in conjunction with Johnson Matthey, a partnership spanning more than thirty years. Together we have a major network of field agents and offices worldwide.

We are constantly in talks with all the major Nitric Acid Producers and as such, hold a global portfolio of potential buyers for plant and equipment. 

Following a no obligation consultation. RSBruce can liaise with both the plant owners and potential buyer – playing a vital role throughout the negotiation, dismantle and relocation.

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Metal recovery during decommissioning

The dismantling process provides the optimum time for recovery of PGM residues lying dormant. Even though the plant may have undergone previous non-aggressive cleaning over the years, there can still be considerable amounts of metal and value to be retrieved. 

During disassembly, various sections of the plant that may have been inaccessible due to the plant configuration and unit accessibility become accessible and can be thoroughly cleaned.

Nobody has more experience in the recovery of precious metals from Nitric Acid plants than RSBruce, so you are in good hands with us. 


Multiple purchase options to suit you


RSBruce, with Johnson Matthey, welcomes the opportunity to discuss various purchase options, whether this is the outright purchase of the decommissioned plant for resale or the scrap metal value of the plant.

Both of these options can be considered with and without PGM content.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of plant decommissioning and purchase please contact us and we will organise a call and potentially a site visit by one of our Contract Managers who will assist you throughout the process of sale.

Working with RS Bruce on the sale and purchase of your plant

We are the world’s experts in this field, with more experience than any other company on the planet, enabling us to offer you the most options and the best solutions. If you have a current or future project that you would like to discuss or get advice on, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Please call us on +44 (0)114 244 8050, or e-mail us using Our team are ready to discuss your application and we look forward to hearing from you.