PGM Plant Cleaning

RSBruce is a specialist in the recovery of the precious Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from nitric acid and chemical manufacturing plants.

Working on sites around the globe, we clean operational plants, recover lost metals and improve plant operating efficiencies.

Our techniques are not aggressive towards the plant itself whilst still achieving excellent precious metal recoveries.

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Main Types Of Recovery

RSBruce can recover catalysts in two ways.

Moving a nitric acid plant heat exchanger by Crain
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Destructive recovery

Destructive cleaning involves removing redundant plant and machinery for recovery of PGM’s this is the best method for removing all of the PGM’s

Waste Stream form a nitric acid plant storage tank
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Non-Destructive Recovery

Our techniques are not aggressive towards the plant
itself, whilst still achieving excellent precious metal recoveries.

Plant Cleaning Best Practice guide

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Global Logistics

Logistical operations for movement of components or residue.

Secure shipment within specified timeframes.
Compliant with all legislation requirements.

Basel Convention – The Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Waste and their disposal

lTFS Regulations – European enactment of the Basel Convention

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Project Management

Technical site survey.

Full project management.

Global logistic.

Supporting customer-appointed refiner.

Since the cleaning of the plant, which was principally aimed at recovering precious group metals from the units, Yara is pleased to have recorded a 10% increase in boiler efficiency.

plant purchase

Decommissioned nitric acid plants are a major asset and valuable commodity to be realised.

Due to our long-standing history in the industry, RSBruce has a major network of field agents and offices worldwide.

We are constantly in talks with all the major nitric acid producers and, as such, hold a global portfolio of potential buyers for plant and equipment. Following a no-obligation consultation.

RSBruce can liaise with both the plant owners and potential buyers – playing a vital role throughout the negotiation, dismantling and relocation. To learn more, contact us today.

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ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001

We carry out all work in accordance with current legislation, including method statement, risk assessment and the planning of work procedures. Our no-obligation on-site survey and assessment by one of our team will determine the viability of PGM recovery, including sampling and analysis, and will provide a free cost estimate from an experienced project manager.

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Non Destructive Recovery

Looking for a different type of recovery?
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