Over 30 years experience

plant cleaning

RSBruce are specialist in the recovery of the precious Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from nitric acid and chemical manufacturing plants. Working on sites around the globe we clean operational plants recovering lost metals and improving plant operating efficiencies. 

When working on an operational plant, we use specialised techniques that we have developed. Our techniques are not aggressive towards the plant itself, whilst still achieving excellent precious metal recoveries. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest returns in the industry, no one has more experience than us in this field.

We also carry out destructive metal recoveries on nitric acid plants and chemical plants at end of life. In these cases we have other processes that recover 100% of the precious metal present in the plant. 

If you have plant and equipment that you wish to sell we may also be able to help you as we can also purchase plant and equipment outright. 


Non destructive cleaning


Destructive cleaning

More experience than any other operator

Over 30 years’ history of recovering precious metals for customers and going strong.

We have completed over 640 PGM recovery contracts worldwide to date and have recovered in excess of 1.5Bn GBP worth of PGMs for our customers. We believe we are currently delivering the highest rates of return in the industry. RSBruce have the most experience in Nitric Acid Plant cleaning and Nitric Acid Tank cleaning on the planet, we have literally completed hundreds more clean downs than anyone else.

Please call us on +44 (0)114 244 8050 or e-mail us: Our team are ready to discuss your application and we look forward to hearing from you.