Non destructive recovery

of lost PGM

Industry expertise

RSBruce are specialist in the recovery of the precious Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from Nitric Acid and chemical manufacturing plants. Working on sites around the globe we clean operational plants recovering lost metals and improving plant operating efficiencies. 

When working on an operational plant, we use specialised techniques that we have developed. Our techniques are not aggressive towards the plant itself, whilst still achieving excellent precious metal recoveries. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest returns in the industry, no one has more experience than us in this field.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Jetting is a most effective method for cleaning heat exchangers, boilers, items tube-side in the nitric oxide flow and brick-lined chambers. It is also very cost-effective, to quickly clean plant in-situ with minimum disruption.

The process pumps water through a flexible lance at a pressure of 15,000psi (1000 bar), delivering a powerful jet of water directly onto the plant surface.

Our extensive testing shows that high pressure jetting recovers 90-99% of PGM material. When compared with 55-65% by mechanical means this is a great improvement and no PGM oxides are lost into the atmosphere as dust.

Endoscopic cameras are used to visually examine tube walls and other internal surfaces to further ensure a thorough clean and the recovery of all retrievable PGM residues


Filling and Spraying

Recovery can be dine by either filling the unit with a mild chemical solution; or, alternatively with the use of the latest developments in spray techniques.

Our systems are independently tested by corrosion experts to prove there is no detrimental effect to plant whatsoever: guaranteed!

It is possible to complete the clean of single or twin burner boiler within 18 hours.

We are totally flexible, with service offered in situ or at our facility or at any of our four global sites.

As part of the plant clean-down, we also clean Nitric Acid storage tanks to recover lost PGM that can build up in these tanks.  

ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001

We carry out all work in accordance with current legislation, including method statement, risk assessment and the planning of work procedures.

  • No obligation on-site survey and assessment by one of our team to determine the viability of PGM recovery.

    • Including sampling and analysis.

    • Free cost estimate.

  • Experienced project management from start to finish.


More experience than any other operator

Over 30 years’ history of recovering precious metals for customers and going strong.

We have completed over 640 PGM recovery contracts worldwide to date and have recovered in excess of 1.5Bn GBP worth of PGMs for our customers. We believe we are currently delivering the highest rates of return in the industry. RSBruce have the most experience in Nitric Acid Plant cleaning and Nitric Acid Tank cleaning on the planet, we have literally completed hundreds more clean downs than anyone else.