Although lockdown restrictions to ease the impact of the pandemic are still in place, we want to assure our customers that RSBruce remains fully operational and open for business.

The safety of our clients and staff is our main priority and so is carrying out a quality service and meeting our customers needs. So, with the confidence in our team’s abilities and the strict social distancing, hygiene and safety regulations we have in place, we will continue working as close to normal as we can.

Wherever possible our office staff are working from home. However, for any of our team that are working within our facility, we are taking a proactive approach in complying with the guidelines provided by the UK Government, Public Health England and NHS Trust to protect their health and wellbeing and that of our customers.

Throughout our facility we have spaced out workstations and desks and introduced one-way systems, additional cleaning procedures and sanitiser stations in our reception and communal areas. We have also staggered shift patterns, reduced team sizes where possible and introduced work bubbles so we can keep person to person contact and mixing to a minimum; whilst having enough people available to meet customer deadlines and keep our colleagues working in a safe environment.

We are also regularly liaising with our supply-chain partners to manage any potential impact to services and foresee no issues with regards to our capabilities and the support we can provide both new and existing customers.

We will continue to monitor activities around the pandemic regularly and comply fully with any operational and safety updates provided. While ever it is still possible however, we will ensure any projects and commitments we have will be completed on time and to the exceptional level of quality that we are recognised for.

So, if you need support with your Precious Metal Recovery, Lithium Battery Recycling, Toll Processing or Plant Cleaning requirements, we are here to help.

Call us on 0114 244 8050 or click here to complete our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Two new testimonials added today to the growing list of happy customers!

One was onsite dismantling/cleaning to recover precious metal residue and the other filtration of stored process effluents to recover carbon fines.

Both customers praised specifically how we carried out the health and safety aspects, following protocol and ensuring correct certification is in place.... all things we as a business pride ourselves on!

Full testimonials can be found on the following page.

If you are interested in what services we can offer or have a precious metal recovery project you would like to discuss please get in touch!

Stay safe!

RSBruce Team :)

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Claim your copy of our guide today! 

Over the last 35 years RSBruce have completed over 700 plant clean downs and metal recovery operations globally.

RSBruce first developed effective Nitric Acid Plant cleaning techniques in the mid 1980’s together with Johnson Matthey and have been at the forefront of technology development ever since.

Maximising the Value from Nitric Acid Plant Cleaning outlines in detail, many positive ways in which the plant operator can impact the amount of metal recoverable and recovered from their plant; both during a clean down while the plant is in operation and at end of life, when a plant is decommissioned and scrapped.

Some of the topics covered include : 

Recovery Methodology – Pros and Cons and reasons for selection. Subtle differences that can have a significant impact on the amount of metal recovered to how long the plant is offline for clean down.

Management of Clean Down Projects and how to ensure that your contractor is working in your best interest.

Simple yet often overlooked factors that have a significant impact on the amount of metal recovered.

and….. The hidden costs of Nitric Acid Plant Cleaning

To obtain your copy please fill out your details in the form below, click send, and we will arrange to have a copy delivered to you.

Maximizing the Value from Nitric Acid Plant Cleaning is available in 4 Languages : 

English, Polish, French, and Spanish

Please specify which guide you would like to receive. If the language is not specified we will send you the English version. 

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