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Over the last 35 years RSBruce have completed over 700 plant clean downs and metal recovery operations globally.

RSBruce first developed effective nitric acid plant cleaning techniques in the mid 1980’s together with Johnson Matthey and have been at the forefront of technology development ever since.


Maximising the value from nitric acid plant cleaning outlines in detail, many positive ways in which the plant operator can impact the amount of metal recoverable and recovered from their plant; both during a clean down while the plant is in operation and at end of life, when a plant is decommissioned and scrapped.



Topics inlcude:

Recovery Methodology – Pros and Cons and Reasons for Selection

Subtle differences that can have a significant impact on the amount of metal recovered to how long the plant is offline for clean down.


Management of Clean Down Projects

How to ensure that your contractor is working in your best interest.

Simple yet often overlooked factors that have a significant impact on the amount of metal recovered.


The Hidden Costs of Nitric Acid Plant Cleaning.

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More experience than any other operator

Over 30 years’ history of recovering precious metals for customers and going strong.

We have completed over 640 PGM recovery contracts worldwide to date and have recovered in excess of 1.5Bn GBP worth of PGMs for our customers. We believe we are currently delivering the highest rates of return in the industry. RSBruce have the most experience in Nitric Acid Plant cleaning and Nitric Acid Tank cleaning on the planet, we have literally completed hundreds more clean downs than anyone else.

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