Thermal Pre-Treatment

Incineration enables metal that could otherwise not be recovered to be processed and concentrated into an ash that can then be processed and refined.


RSBruce are unique in that we choose to operate a batch incinerator for high-value materials, enabling us to segregate each customer’s materials, to accurately determine the value of the metal contained within each batch, whilst eliminating potential losses between lots and cross contamination.  


The process of incineration increases the concentration of the metal through a loss on ignition ( LOI )  giving a resultant mass of ash that can then be processed further to extract and refine the metal. 

The batch sizes, the addition of additives, and burn temperature of the incinerator are closely calculated and controlled to optimise the process. An in-line thermal afterburner and countercurrent liquid scrubbing system in combination with regular stack monitoring ensure that emissions are controlled

Examples of Materials Processed

  • Sensors, Wiring, Switches, Implants

  • Lab Waste, Packets, Filter Papers, Decanted Bottles. Plastic Bottles.

  • Ion Exchange Resin

  • Photographic Film

  • Dental Waste

  • Jewellery Sweeps

  • Manufacturing Clean Down / Production Sweeps

  • Carbon – Filters and Carbon based Catalyst

  • Solvents Containing Dissolved Metal

  • Aqueous Solutions Containing Dissolved Metal

  • Filter Media

  • Filter Cakes and Sludge

  • Spent Catalyst

Palladium on Carbon Catalyst - Palladium Recovery

Incinerator ash produced from palladium carbon catalyst incineration


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